Texas State Senator Wendy Davis – District 10

Way to Go, Senator Davis! Thank you so very much for standing up for women’s lives. For my readers, if you read this before midnight Central time today (June 25), you can watch Senator Davis’ filibuster at


Update June 26, 2012 – The Lt. Governor says the bill passed just before midnight.  The Democrats on the floor and reporters in the room dispute this statement according to an article in San Francisco Chronicle.

Meanwhile, Texas State Senator and our hero Wendy Davis has an ActBlue page!  Let’s all help her out! #UniteBlue #standwithwendy

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via Texas State Senator Wendy Davis – District 10.

I have been so impressed watching as Texas Senator Wendy Davis filibusters against a stringent anti-abortion bill that I wanted to find out more about her. Below is the “bio” on her on the state government website. I will add that she was born in 1961, so is 52 years old. The rules for Texas filibuster require that she not eat or drink anything or take any bathroom breaks; she must stand the entire time and is not even allowed to lean on the podium.

Occupation: Attorney, Business Owner
Education: Texas Christian University, Harvard Law School
Legislative Experience: Senate Member, 2009 – Present
Hometown: Fort Worth
Party: Democrat

Wendy Davis has been called “courageous,” “articulate and gutsy” and “inspiring” by the Fort Worth Star Telegram, which also described her as a legislator who “will stand up and fight.”

Wendy has…

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