How Much Pay has Congress Made Since They Shut Down the Government?

While over 800,000 federal employees were sent home without pay on October 1 when Congress failed to pass a Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government, members of Congress still continue to receive their salary.  I just came across a graphic that shows, in real-time, how much all 535 members of Congress – the 435 members of the House of Representatives and the 100 members of the Senate – have earned since the day Congress shut down most of the federal government programs.

Take a look via

Congress, this is outrageous.  Get the federal government back to work.  Rather than attempting to end Obamacare and/or cutting Social Security – both detrimental to a huge swath of the American public – JUST PASS A CLEAN CONTINUING RESOLUTION!

5 thoughts on “How Much Pay has Congress Made Since They Shut Down the Government?

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  2. We can’t forget the other people that are in a money crunch due to the shut down. The government contract workers, funding for some higher education grants,hotel workers (thousands of rooms are empty), restaurant workers, taxi drivers, local businesses that rely on Federal employees purchasing items, and many others! This shut down has long arms – all across the country.


    • You are right on target Bonnie. This is hitting DC harder than anywhere else due to the high number of government employees around and within the Beltway. And this contagion is trickling or gushing everywhere in the country. Even to some extent in rural central PA. Questions are being asked if it’s affecting state and local governments as well; last I heard was that not quite yet here in PA, but no one is sure how long that might last.


  3. It has effected the government here in WA State. The state Employment Security Department furloughed 418 state employees on Tuesday of this past week and reduced hours for another 450 workers because of the federal government shutdown.

    That represents about half of the 1,669 people employed by the agency. Employment Security, which gets 87 percent of its funding from the federal government, is using state dollars to pay the staff needed to process unemployment claims.


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