Class Action Lawsuit Filed over Pennsylvania Medicaid Cuts

Concerns have been raised in PA since Governor Corbett initially proposed his so-called “Healthy Pennsylvania” non-expansion of Medicaid program. These fears are now coming to fruition. Let’s hope that Governor-elect Wolf can quickly rectify the problems and move the state towards full expansion of Medicaid as soon as possible. Unfortunately since Mr. Wolf doesn’t take office until after “Healthy PA” goes live, it will take awhile for the state to jump through the state and federal hoops to switch over to Medicaid. This blat’s going on.og from the Women’s Law Project does a decent job at explaining what is going on.

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By Tara Murtha, WLP Staff

Two big problems with Pennsylvania Medicaid emerged yesterday [December 22].

The problems aren’t with Medicaid per se, but with the chaos-riddled transition from traditional Medicaid to Governor Corbett’s controversial, non-expansion alternative. To further complicate matters, Governor-Elect Tom Wolf, who promised to expand Medicaid as intended under the Affordable Care Act, takes office next month, and benefit changes are scheduled to take place January 1.

Under the Affordable Care Act, states are encouraged to expand access to Medicaid coverage, with the federal government picking up the tab through 2016 and then paying no less than 90 percent on a permanent basis.

The background: Ever since the Supreme Court decided that states can refuse to expand Medicaid, the situation here in Pennsylvania been a saga fueled by partisan politics–at the expense of the health and well-being of more than 500,000 low-income residents.

As every state bordering…

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