Video: Women Read Social Media Online Threats

For just about 2 months now, I have periodically blogged about online attacks on women who either use or are targeted through the use of social media. One dealt with the statistics associated with cyber-bullying. Another announced a Congressional briefing held on this issue on April 15. Another dealt with a proposed piece of legislation that might help reduce this form of violence. And the first one dealt with use of rape myths and social media by a fraternity at Penn State University to allegedly harass young college women.

Today I thought I’d share a video I stumbled across.  It’s called “Feminists Read Mean Tweets.” The text describing this video tells the story of why created this video last fall:

A Mic Video original: Jimmy Kimmel’s Angry Tweets is on to something. When it comes being trolled, many people on the Internet have it bad. But feminists in particular are often singled out for vitriol.

The lethal combination of being a woman and having an opinion about the patriarchy is a recipe for a troll cocktail.

This video shows how women who challenge the status quo are treated online on a daily basis. While many have tried to describe what it’s like to be the target of constant, horrible abuse online, sometimes it’s easier to just show, not tell.

As the last sentence says: “Sometimes it’s easier to just show, not tell.” So here’s the “show.”

Be forewarned: there is a lot of rude and nasty language as well as threats of violence directed at these women.

Now that you’ve seen the video, you might also want to read the background story on

4 thoughts on “Video: Women Read Social Media Online Threats

  1. Hi, what a shame all that energy goes into hating women… Think of all the good that could happen if redirected towards building a better world of communication and smiles. …. …. I drove big rig for years in the 90s and the cb radio was outrageous sometimes.. BUT the worst part of that was that they were within a couple miles of me if we could hear each other… So it wasn’t uncommon to have a nasty poopoohead not only say all those offensive things they say on text, but I’d often see them pacing my truck with theirs.. (of course beating off most of the time)..
    But I did call the cops, go to court and get criminal charges and conviction on the worst of them. (it was in Va and I live in Ca so it was a hassle to get there but I did it).. What a drag to have to do just to get people to act decently.. … We are in an epidemic of non-empathetic regressed (children) adults and I’m not joking… Thanks for this article and vid…

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  2. […] online attacks on women who either use or are targeted through the use of social media. One was a video created by some of the women who have been cyber-bullied reading a few of the online threats they […]


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