Dear World, We are so sorry but we got this one wrong.  Really, really wrong.

Dark clouds rising over the US. Particularly for women, people of color, & anyone who teeters on the brink of healthcare or economic crisis.

So here’s what we need to do…

Stand up. Fight back. For our country. For the environment. For women & children. For all races. #HateTrumpsLove today but not forever.

Margaret and Helen

Margaret, I love you. We will survive, but now it is up to the next generation. If we raised them right, they will find the good in people and this country will find a way forward.

It is my hope that my daughters will one day see a woman as President. Like Hillary, we have fought the good fight for the right reasons. That spirit does not die tonight. It lives on in the next generation of strong, confident, smart women. Thank you Hillary. I wish we could have broken that ceiling together.

Hang in there. I mean it. Really.

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