Great Nonprofit Boards I Have Known

I’ve served or have served on 3 different non-profit boards over the last two decades. All of them use a Presidential, rather than a CEO style of leadership. Two of them have term limits while the third one has a self-limiting leadership model based on the belief that the leader members New leaders and then moves on. Other than this one difference, all three have the other three characteristics mentioned in this blog. And all three are and continue to be successful.

Nonprofit Management

Here are three “greats” among the nonprofits of my past. Their characteristics: (1) Long tenured CEOs, 15 years or more: (2) Boards and CEOs who can embrace change and act on it; (3) Boards who take pride in their CEO’s dynamic achievements internally and externally; (4) CEOs who can work with a continual parade of different board chairs and board members. (5) Boards who can support dynamic entrepreneurial CEOs and who understand the need for strategic planning.

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Honoree, Distinguished Worldwide Humanitarian Award

Three days ago I got a call asking if I would accept a Distinguished Worldwide Humanitarian Award from Worldwide Who’s Who. I said yes. This is their announcement.

Marquis Who's Who Humanitarian Award

Tosti-Vasey, Joanne 1385793Dr. Tosti-Vasey is an optimist and believes that in the civil rights field, one oftentimes runs up against barriers; being flexible and being willing to look for a different way to achieve goals helps in the movement towards equality.


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