FactChecking the Vice Presidential Debate – FactCheck.org

Last night, the two Vice-Presidential candidates–current VP Mike Pence and US Senator Kamala Harris–took the stage in Utah to debate each other for the upcoming general election on November 3, 2020. This debate was sponsored by the Presidential Commission on Debates.

Both candidates made several broad statements on the topics raised. Questions as to the accuracy of these responses by both candidates were asked (or shouted at our television and computer screens and at our radio speakers).

As many of those engaged in the presidential election season, I wanted to know who gave the clearest and most accurate presentation on the policies and concerns of the American people.

Was it Kamela?

Senator Kamala Harris (CA) – Joe Biden’s Running Mate

Or was it Mike?

Vice President Mike Pence – Donald Trump’s Running Mate

So I turned to the Annenberg Center for Public Policy at the University of Pennsylvania for their non-partisan review of the claims made by both candidates. As suspected, there was the truth, part truth, less than clear statements, and some falsehoods or exaggerations in what was said during the 90-minute debate. By Pence and by Harris.

So here is the link, without comments, to their analysis for your review. https://www.factcheck.org/2020/10/factchecking-the-vice-presidential-debate/

You make your decision on whom to vote for based on this review as well as other information you gather. I have made my decision. I hope you make yours as well, based on the facts in this critical race for our democracy in 2020.

Single-Payer Health Care: Debate on Smart Talk

This morning (October 2, 2017), the local public radio station in Harrisburg, PA aired a program on universal health care, often called single-payer health care or Improved Medicare for All.  They presented a debate between insurance industry members, legislators, and advocates for single-payer health care.

Three women holding up posters that say

Advocating for Medicare for All – a universal, single-payer healthcare program. Photo Courtesy of National Nurses United.

The radio clip that I’m embedding below discusses HB 1688, the Pennsylvania Health Care Plan.  This bill was reintroduced in the PA House of Representatives on Friday, September 29. It is a state-based universal health coverage for residents of Pennsylvania via a single-payer health care payment program which redirects Medicare and Medicaid funds into a single state funding program where 9 out of 10 people will have reduced healthcare costs and where you get to select your own doctors, healthcare providers, and hospitals. Decisions about treatment are made between the healthcare provider and the client.

The debate on both the state and federal ideas for universal health care follows Rep. Pam Delissio’s summary of her bill. Here is Part 1 of the debate on SmartTalk:

And here is Part 2 of the debate on universal single-payer healthcare:

Rep. Delissio has been the prime sponsor of HB 1688 for the last three sessions of the PA General Assembly. Here’s a 2016 presentation on the Pennsylvania Healthcare Plan by Representative DeLissio on her bill. FYI, the bill number did not change between the current and last session.  So when she talks about HB 1688, she is presenting essentially the same plan (with some minor tweaks).

STATE COLLEGE: League of Women Voters’ Candidate Forum for May 2015 Primary

This is an article about the Centre County League of Women Voters’ Spring Primary Candidates’ Forum.  It was held on Wednesday April 29.  I was one of the candidates participating in the forum.  A larger portion of this article in the Centre Daily Times covers the race for Bellefonte Borough Council.  And you will see a couple of photos of myself debating my incumbent opponent.

STATE COLLEGE: Candidate forum including shines spotlight on upcoming primary | CentreDaily.com http://www.centredaily.com/2015/04/29/4725701/candidate-forum-shines-spotlight.html